Choosing Dollar Photo Club Images for your Website

dollar-photo-club-fbIncorporating stock images to your content helps you express ideas, sentiments and attitudes. It improves the communication between you and your audience. However, this is only possible when you choose the right images. When you choose low-quality images, your audience might find them bland, vague or fake.  You do not want that. Thankfully, the Dollar Photo Club offers millions of high-quality royalty-free images that you can never go wrong with.

Here are some tips on how to identify Dollar Photo Club images that support your message and elicit response from your audience.

  • Choose images that tell a story. Images do not just fill the white space of your website. If chosen correctly, they can communicate a message. When you choose Dollar Photo Club images that tell a story, you are giving your audience another opportunity to interact with your website. Of course, the images should be of high quality, with balanced lighting and corrected color. The images should also offer warmth and context. They should showcase the attributes of your brand as well. Keep in mind that every brand has a story. And, choosing the right images can help tell yours.
  • Publish for your audience. When choosing Dollar Photo Club photos, consider your audience. Make sure that your chosen images are appropriate for your specific audience. Take note of your audience’s lifestyle. If your audience are the younger group, help them see the fun and playful aspect of your brand with an image they can relate to.
  • Be honest. Many stock photos look artificial. They are not accurate representations of real life. Stay away from these images. You can identify them easily as they usually contain exaggerated facial expressions, overemotional clichés, and airbrushed models. You should make sure that the image depicts resemblance to the domestic experience of your audience.


While there are a number of image repositories that offer stock images for free, the risk of copyright infringement is not worth the try. With the Dollar Photo Club, you can get high resolution files for only $1. Over 100,000 new images are also added per week. You can access millions of premium photos and vectors with a monthly or annual VIP membership. The stock site does not involve hidden fees and commitment. Plus, your image downloads never expire.


The Dollar Photo Club offers amazing images for your creative projects. As much as the stock photo agency wants to take in new members, it is unfortunately closed, here is a good alternative of Dollar Photo Club. On the other hand, it recommends eager creative professionals to join Adobe Stock instead. Adobe Stock has over 45 million high quality images. The website is integrated with Creative Cloud applications, making it desirable for CC users. It also has flexible plans, wherein you can pay per image or subscribe to an image plan.

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